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Helping build a 21st century workforce

We use graph theory and ML to curate technical and creative teams from the top 5% of the world’s best univerities to build and manage highly skilled workforces for leading companies.

We're going to let you in on a little secret

Universities are an untapped talent pool

With their cutting edge skill sets, flexible work patterns and diversity, they fit every characteristic companies need in their modern workforce.

How does it work?

We take the top 5% of university talent, train them, and embed them onto your team

04. Fully Managed and an Opportunity for Conversion

ProMazo Managers oversee the work of the Fellows on a day-to-day basis so you don’t have to. Upon completion, you have the option of converting your Fellows to full time if it makes sense for your organization.

05. Not Having a Birds-Eye View of Everything

See the status of everything all in one place. And don't worry. Even if you do forget, we'll give you a little nudge.

01. Company Identifies Their Needs

We work with your team to understand your needs, the culture of your team and develop a talent roadmap to ensure we are meeting your needs now and in the future.

02. Fellows Are Selected and Onboarded

ProMazo Chapter Leaders scour our database of thousands to find your perfect team. Fellows are selected based on technical competency and soft skills. We onboard and train them to ensure they can start adding value from Day 1.

03. Embedded Within Your Team

Your team of ProMazo Fellows are embedded directly into your team’s workflow. Through combining the latest academic insights in behavioral psychology with best business practices (Agile Development Methodology, Total Motivation Theory & Deep Work), we developed the ProMazo framework to deliver highly productive remote teams drawn from the best universities in the world.

An end to end managed service, so you can spend more time executing

The top minds with the latest skillsets

The intellectual firepower of universities represents a group that is uniquely positioned to solve a business’ problems. ProMazo’s Fellows are highly adaptable, continuous learners who are experts in creative and technical fields ranging from Design to Software Development, ML/AI, and Big Data.

Managed for you

In addition to having the best and brightest, a ProMazo Manager oversees the day-to-day work of each team. These managers are experts in remote work and ensure the productivity of your ProMazo teams. We also take care of all the sourcing and back office activities, freeing you to focus on driving results with your ProMazo Fellows.

Flexibility & Speed

ProMazo enables leaders to efficiently allocate their resources while allowing them to dynamically adjust the bandwidth and skill sets of their teams using ProMazo Fellows. Unlike many traditional firms, it takes us days not months to source a Fellow for your team, and you do not have to worry about any of the sourcing process. From talent identification to interviews and onboarding, we have it handled. Best of all you get the top 5% of talent at a variable rate without the premium of typical staffing firms.

ProMazo’s unique workforce transforms teams in three key ways:

In Demand Skills

The pace of change is so fast, companies cannot grow all of their talent in-house. Our Fellows have the exact skills you need.

Adjustable & Variable

Avoid fixed costs in a variable world for 30% less than staffing firms. And each year, spin us up or down as needed.


The challenges of tomorrow will require diverse minds and backgrounds. Tap into our pool of diverse talent to solve them.

Ability is everywhere, but opportunity is not

Our mission is to ensure that people from diverse sets of backgrounds have the chance to bring their perspectives to firms. Through our engagements and partnerships with HR and D&I departments at companies, we give Fellows from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their talents and break through to realize their full potential.

ProMazo's system allowed us to quickly integrate into the company's workflow and teams. As a result, we were able to produce a high impact product that our client still utilizes to this day as part of their everyday operations.

Melissa Hoffbauer, PhD

Senior Consultant at Guidehouse

We embed the world’s top minds with the latest skillsets onto your team