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Augmenting their sales team with technical capacity and skills

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How a large media company tapped into ProMazo's unique Workforce

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It all begins with a brief

We sat down with the division’s leaders to outline their goals and how they wanted to augment their current team with new skills over the next year.

What is ProMazo?

ProMazo is a new type of staffing solution that allows you to tap into the top 5% of the intellectual firepower at the world's best universities and embed these highly skilled individuals onto your team.

What is a ProMazo Fellow?

ProMazo Fellows are the top 5% of the intellectual firepower of our country’s universities and colleges. They have been carefully vetted, trained and are ready to suport your teams.

How much does it cost?

We find that our Workforce costs 30-50% less than traditional staffing organizations. With ProMazo you get access to MIT minds in an on-demand manner without the premium.

John Tarell, USC

Our Chapter Leaders searched our network to find people with the perfect blend of hard and soft skills.

Arneil Farsh, Howard University

Alicia Ramirez, UC Berkeley


College Students

Our network extends over hundreds of universities, giving us access to a wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds.



Some of the world's best mathematicians, software developers, and creatives compete to join your team.



Work with a group of talented ProMazo Fellows who are embedded on your team throughout the year.

Lambs Tao, NYU

Tatianna Keller, MIT

How do you screen your Fellows?

We have built deep relationships on campus to identify the best of the best. Once identified, prospective Fellows are rigorously tested for their technical and soft skills to ensure only the top 5% make it onto our teams.

How do you ensure the work quality?

All of our teams operate using the ProMazo Methodology which blends the Agile Development Framework, Total Motivation Theory, and Deep Work into a seamless system. Along with our ProMazo Managers, it allows us to ensure all of our work is top notch and of the highest quality.

How long does it take to start?

We can usually start in under 30 days. As we have a chance to work with you, we can often reduce this to 10 or fewer.

Justin Hoper, Northwestern University

Fellows are embedded on your team and operate just like regular team members

An all-star team managed for you

Full time ProMazo Managers who are experts in remote work handle the day-to-day oversight of your ProMazo team so you can focus on getting work done.

Agile workflows

ProMazo teams use the latest project management techniques including Scrum and Agile Methodologies so we can rapidly adjust to new priorities as they are set.

Together they produced a platform that transformed how they sold

Flexible, Adjustable, & Customizable

At the end of each year as you understand your new priorities, you can adjust the skill set of your ProMazo team, allowing you to customize your team to have the exact skills you need to be successful.

How do we communicate with our Fellows?

We fit seamlessly into your preferred method of communication and cadence. Our Fellows are completely adaptable to any system and are available throughout the day.

Do we have ownership over everything that is produced?

Yes. Your company maintains all of the intellectual property and rights to all of the work our teams produce on your behalf.

Can we hire Fellows after graduation?

Absolutely. With ProMazo you have the opportunity to preview talent before hiring them full time. It is the new way to recruit your next generation of leaders.

Along the way you will meet lots of talented people

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