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We are the 21st century career center

We reimagined college recruiting for the 21st century, allowing your firm to recruit at a national level and increase your ability to source diverse candidates.

A national, digital, scalable, and unbiased way to recruit the next generation of talent

Ability is everywhere, but opportunity is not

Our mission is to ensure that people from diverse sets of backgrounds have the chance to bring their perspectives to firms. Through our engagements and partnerships with HR and D&I departments at companies, we give Fellows from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their talents and break through to realize their full potential.

We partner with HR teams to help build their future workforces

Inspire & Attract

Our Fellows are ambitious individuals who want to make an impact in the professional world. When they are embedded into your teams, you have the opportunity to unleash this creative energy and in turn demonstrate how your organization creates an environment for young professionals to succeed.

Develop & Support

Fellows are continuous learners. As they work with your teams they are constantly improving their skillsets and understanding what it takes to be successful at your company.

Engage & Recruit

Gen Z is focused on more than just a paycheck. They want to make sure a company’s culture aligns with their values. ProMazo allows your managers to build deep relationships with recruits to demonstrate this alignment and through working with their Fellows, identify who is the right fit for your firm.

How it works

03. Engage + Convert

Create custom development plans for high potential individuals and demonstrate how much you value their contributions.

01. Discover + Define

We work with our HR partners to understand the current and future talent needs of the organization and build a custom plan to fulfill those goals.

02. Identify + Develop

Combining ProMazo’s detailed performance analysis with your team’s reviews provides HR teams with an entirely new way to identify and vet talent. You'll never again have to worry whether the person who interviewed will be the same person who shows up on Day 1.

The idea that employees will stay for 20 years is extinct… and that’s Ok!

ProMazo: A seamless solution for employee turnover

A two week notice is rarely enough time to transfer all of a departing employee’s thoughts and relationships, let alone find and onboard a replacement. Inevitably ideas and relationships get lost in the transition and your staff are left to carry the load until a replacement is found. With ProMazo’s system; however, turnover is predictable, meaning that new resources can be onboarded prior to departure to ensure nothing is lost and the team does not miss a day.

The new way to find emerging talent

The top minds with the latest skillsets

Imagine having the Top 5% of software developers, designers, machine learning experts, and AI pioneers embedded within your teams. What could your company unleash with this capability?

Derisk recruiting and reduce bias

Everyone knows the person who showed up at the interview might not be the person who walks in the door on Day 1. Through ProMazo, before a firm has to commit, team leaders can fully vet a prospect and ensure they are the perfect fit for their team. ProMazo’s process also lowers hiring biases because it focuses teams on a person’s work capabilities, not where they went to school or their background.

Build a flexible, dynamic Workforce

Work is changing. ProMazo’s unique system allows a company to bring on the best of the best and dynamically adjust the bandwidth and skillset of ProMazo Fellows without the premium costs associated with a variable workforce.

What if the next generation could leave college debt free?

Ending the Diploma Paradox and solving the $1.7T student debt crisis

We are on a mission to end the Diploma Paradox and to build a higher education model that sustainably solves the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis. Our goal is to develop enough opportunities at companies so that any student with the right skills can secure a job, be compensated such that their earnings can pay for their tuition and come out of college debt free.

A unique program that is a win-win-win

University Fellows

  • Make a real impact on a firm

  • Showcase your skill sets to a potential employer

  • Pay off student loans while still in school

Teams and Business Leaders

  • Access to highly skilled workers in in-demand areas

  • Flexible workforce and variable rate without the premium associated with it

  • Managed program means you do not have to spend time overseeing the work

Companies and Human Resources

  • Increase access to individuals from diverse backgrounds

  • Connect and build deep relationships with emerging talent

  • Ensure full time hires are the proper fit

ProMazo's system allowed us to quickly integrate into the company's workflow and teams. As a result, we were able to produce a high impact product that our client still utilizes to this day as part of their everyday operations.

Melissa Hoffbauer, PhD

Senior Consultant at Guidehouse

We arm top organizations with the people and skills they need to thrive and compete

Ready to change how your company hires the next generation?