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We provide companies with an on-demand and flexible workforce

Universities are a hotbed for talent, innovation, and fresh thinking. But where do you start?

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Bringing on new team members can be a time consuming and expensive process

We partner with business leaders and HR to find the right person and fit

Using graph theory, our online platform, and our Chapter Leaders, we scour universities for the right talent, train them in the ProMazo framework, and have them ready to go precisely when you need them. Our process frees business leaders to focus on running their divisions and not on interviewing or sourcing.

We tailor your team across three dimensional areas:


For any tech stack, company size, or moonshot project, we've got it covered.


Forget one size fits all. We right size to your right size.


It doesn't matter if you need 3 or 250. ProMazo scales with your needs.

With ProMazo you can hire in days not months and save along the way

We solve your problems


Find talent in a new way and place

Sourcing talent is always a challenge and your time should be spent focusing on your customer and product. At ProMazo, we are experts in understanding every nuance of the university. We have built deep relationships on campuses and have dedicated Chapter Leaders who eat, breathe and live campus life. Through these connections and networks we are able to secure the top talent from this unique talent pool.


A novel way to evaluate talent

Assessing talent, especially from the university space, can be difficult. ProMazo has developed a method to screen its vast candidate pool to ensure only the Top 5% become Fellows. Before even being considered for a position, every ProMazo Fellow is evaluated across a range of competencies and undergoes a behavioral review to understand their leadership potential & ability to work as part of a team.

Matched & Hand Curated

Understanding who is the right fit

Having the right skills is important, but ensuring someone is the right fit can be even more critical. We hand curate your team of ProMazo Fellows to ensure they have both the hard skills and soft skills needed to work as part of a highly productive, distributed team.


Instant infrastructure on a distributed basis

If you can tell the difference between your full time team and our Fellows, then we have failed. Our ProMazo Fellows are completely integrated into your team’s flow with the help of the ProMazo Manager who oversees their work on a day-to-day basis. And, unlike many firms, they are never engaged on multiple teams at once.

We've partnered with a wide range of companies


Meet your newest team members

These geniuses are 3D Printing Organs, smashing atoms and starting nuclear reactions. How can they help you?

Matthew K.

Rocket Scientist

Matt's expertise runs the gambit from optics to lasers which he used while working with ProMazo on Whirlpool engagements. He is now a lead scientist at Los Alamos Labs.

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Akshitha R.

Software Developer

A front end specialist, Akshitha's abilities have been used in a variety of areas during her work with Unilever while at ProMazo. Strategy&, a top consulting firm, is her next stop.

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Michael B.

Program Manager

One of our lead Fellows during our work with Google. Michael has since gone on to Microsoft, joining their Windows IoT team where he created edge device operating systems.

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A unique program that is a win-win-win

Teams and Business Leaders

  • Access to highly skilled workers in in-demand areas

  • Flexible workforce and variable rate without the premium associated with it

  • Managed program means you do not have to spend time overseeing the work

University Fellows

  • Make a real impact on a firm

  • Showcase your skill sets to a potential employer

  • Pay off student loans while still in school

Companies and Human Resources

  • Increase access to individuals from diverse backgrounds

  • Connect and build deep relationships with emerging talent

  • Ensure full time hires are the proper fit

ProMazo's system allowed us to quickly integrate into the company's workflow and teams. As a result, we were able to produce a high impact product that our client still utilizes to this day as part of their everyday operations.

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Melissa Hoffbauer, PhD

Senior Consultant at Guidehouse

ProMazo builds and manages distributed teams for the world’s leading organizations

Tap into the largest untapped talent pool since WW2 without the hassle