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The top 5% of university talent embedded on your team

What could you do with the intellectual firepower of the world’s top universities on your team?

Our Expertise


Creative & Design


App Dev

Financial Analysis

Software Dev

Data Sci, AI & ML


Your team, our talent

Dedicated & Committed

Find talent in a new way and place

ProMazo Fellows are drawn from the very best universities. They are passionate technologists, creatives, and thinkers who will proactively engage with your team, are adept communicators and are fully committed to completing the tasks at hand. As a provider of premier opportunities, our reputation on campus ensures we attract the highest quality recruits and from this pool we only select the top 5%.


Delivering the work is just table stakes

ProMazo identifies high potential people from the world’s best universities and pairs their intellectual firepower with the best in-class companies as distributed team members.

Managed, Not Just Supported

Hakuna ma tata: No management for you

Many staffing organizations have an “account manager” and “team success specialists” or even “biennial assessments to ensure satisfaction“. That is usually code for “we give you the talent and you figure out how to manage it.” We thought that was bogus. We KNOW university talent and are experts in remote work. That is why every team is overseen by a ProMazo manager who handles all of the operations on a day-to-day basis to ensure everything is on time and is of the highest quality.

Evolving Team Members

A team that grows with you

The needs of your team will evolve over time. Our Fellows are continuously learning and can adapt their skills set to fit what you need, when you need it.

Adjustable & Customizable

A flexible and dynamic workforce

Our model is built so that you can flexibly adjust the skill composition of your team each year. With ProMazo, you’ll never have to worry again about a team member’s skills becoming obsolete, redundant or unnecessary because we build the team to precisely your needs every single year.

High performance teams, on your terms

Work with hand-selected talent, customized to fit your needs at scale

Project Based

Our teams of Fellows can complete one off opportunities when you need a short term addition to your team.


Fellows are integrated within your existing work teams, creating a sustainable & flexible talent base. Allows for building deep relationships with Fellows to solve your pipeline/diversity challenges.

On Demand Expertise

For immediate needs and when you need to spin up experts quickly. Access PhD talent who are leaders in their field.

Why firms choose ProMazo

“I am amazed by the ProMazo team and how much they put into their work.”

Marilia M.



We know remote work

100% remote and we never miss a beat

Since ProMazo’s inception, we have embedded 100% of our teams with their corporate counterparts on a remote basis with no drop off in our ability to deliver our services or a corporate partner’s satisfaction. During the 2020 pandemic, our teams were down for only 48 hours before returning to normal activity levels.

A unique work method

Working remotely is different. So we developed a unique methodology (combining Scrum/Agile techniques, Total Motivation Theory, Social Physics and Deep Work) to ensure creativity, productivity and team cohesion remains at the same level as comparable in-person teams.

100% digital native workforce

ProMazo has a completely digital native workforce who are comfortable with and capable of working on a remote basis throughout the year.

A unique program that is a win-win-win

Teams and Business Leaders

  • Access to highly skilled workers in in-demand areas

  • Flexible workforce and variable rate without the premium associated with it

  • Managed program means you do not have to spend time overseeing the work

University Fellows

  • Make a real impact on a firm

  • Showcase your skill sets to a potential employer

  • Pay off student loans while still in school

Companies and Human Resources

  • Increase access to individuals from diverse backgrounds

  • Connect and build deep relationships with emerging talent

  • Ensure full time hires are the proper fit

ProMazo's system allowed us to quickly integrate into the company's workflow and teams. As a result, we were able to produce a high impact product that our client still utilizes to this day as part of their everyday operations.

Melissa Hoffbauer, PhD

Senior Consultant at Guidehouse

We arm top organizations with the people and skills they need to thrive and compete

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