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If you can outsource to India, why not Indiana?

This is what we wondered at Notre Dame as we tried to understand why the way we work is based on such a fixed model.

A Talented, Dynamic, Flexible Workforce.

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As we were building ProMazo, we saw three trends emerging at workplaces across the globe:

Virtualization of Work

We have to admit, even we could not foresee how much this would come true

Flexible Workforces

Companies would want to avoid fixed costs in a variable world

Diverse Talent

To solve future challenges companies needed diverse perspectives

At the same time students—our future scientists, designers, and developers—are working in school dining halls.

At the same time students, our future scientists, designers, and developers are working in school dining halls.

We asked ourselves what if we could build a bridge between these two groups?

19 million college students in the US

We realized if you could tap into this intellectual firepower, companies would be able to add some of the best software developers, machine learning experts, designers, and financiers to their teams.

Largest workforce since women joined after WW2

And most importantly it can scale. The university talent pool represents nearly 18 trillion hours of underutilized labor, easily making them one of the largest unrealized labor forces in the history of our country.

Solving two problems at once

We had discovered a win-win proposition. On one hand, companies could get the flexible, diverse, and on-demand talent they need. While students could pay for school, build their networks, and realize their full potential.

Our Mission

Tounleashthe human potential on campuses and create anentirely new typeof workforce

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